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youre gonna look so goddamn cool

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The Fault in Our Stars looks great!


The Fault in Our Stars looks great!

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Movie Posters - Rockstar Game Edition

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Peter Capaldi’s Doctor has been given a pretty sweet little trailer, that debuted mere hours ago during the World Cup! Here’s my analysis.

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Hildebrand is 👎


Hildebrand is 👎

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A good example of how sensitive people can be on this website.



A good example of how sensitive people can be on this website.


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A few of the illustrations I created for a children’s book earlier this year.
'Katschawatscha and the Blue Puppy' is available on amazon in English and German.

Some of the original Illustrations are up for sale in my Etsy shop. :)

I’m illustrating a kids book at the moment and this is making me feel very very humbled and hopeless all at once.

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this is a very very important video. please watch this.

this is super important just to the internet as a whole

Even if you’ve got no clue who the hell Phil Fish is please watch this video

What a fucking crock of shit. 

Hey guys, want some easy steps to be famous the “right" way? It’s not quite as mysterious as this video would lead you to believe! Turns out they’re the same steps you’d take to be a decent human being! Be polite, be courteous, be humble, have a sense of humor. If anything, just try not to spout awful, hateful, flaming horseshit every time you open your mouth or hop onto a public social network! Y’know, just try to aim for at least ONE of those things. If you slip up and accidentally become an asshole, then realize the error of your asshole ways and try to apologize the best you can. If possible, try not to follow up that apology with but your country’s games are f*** terrible nowadays.”

Seriously guys. It’s no fucking mystery why people hate Phil Fish. He is constantly antagonistic, not just towards people who insult him. If you’re afraid that the internet hate machine might come after you for seemingly no reason like poor Phil Fish, maybe just…try being nicer? Maybe try not to constantly egg them on? I don’t know, it really confuses me as to why people would try so hard to defend Fish’s extraordinarily toxic behavior. But hey, surely none of those people would attack me for calling out this bullshit, right? Where does the line begin on when you can call someone out for being kind of a dick?

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This wine? Bitey.

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OK! So it’s been a while, but here’s a wrap-up of my work over the past few weeks:


- Rik Mayall passed away. I grew up worshiping the guy, so I wrote a tribute for TheVine.com.au.

- A bunch of my non-gamer friends were wanting to get into games, so I wrote what I think was a real…

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The narrative arc of my evening.

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ATTENTION FANS: history is our playground and the possibilities are endless. you have told us your opinions and we have heard you LOUD AND CLEAR, and this year, we at ubisoft bring you not one, not two, not even three but fOUR WHITE MEN WITH STUBBLE
join us

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